Plazma Burst 2: The Rebirth of a Shooting Combat

July 25th, 2012

Shooting video games were probably the first ones among the games genre to have been developed. This went back as far as the classic arcade games like Galaxian, Duck Hunt Game, and many more. In modern times, games of this genre have improved a lot better from the old versions for these games. These games have improved in terms of its graphics and sounds and even on the controls used for the games. Even the devices that these games are playable upon have changed as well. Developers simply never ceased to innovate ways to make games such as these as enjoyable and challenging as possible.

One of the most played popular games is Plazma Burst. It was developed by Eric Gurt. With the success of the first release, it led the game developer to create a second version called Plazma Burst 2. This game is termed as a browser based shooter game. The second version of Plazma Burst was released last February 2011. This is the sequel of Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past. It was created and programmed with the use of Adobe Flash Player. It also has 2D environment as pertaining to its game play.


The game can only be played by a single player. This game incorporates 42 levels. You will be in a combat wherein you keep on shooting your enemies and vehicles. You will be given the chance to use your own weapons for the shooting. You will be the sharp shooter in this game. Moreover, your main goal is to accomplish all levels completely. Make sure that you destroy your enemies by shooting and damaging them a lot.  It is not only the enemies that you have to cause a lot of damage. You also include the vehicles that come in your way. Once you have caused much damage to your enemies and vehicles, you will earn a lot of points and credits. Most probably, you can earn $500 credits for every level. You can use your credits for the ultimate upgrade of your weapons. You can also purchase better weapons in the area of equipments of the campaign menu. Also, the upgrade of your weapons will help you to totally accomplish all the levels.


As what I have mentioned earlier, there are various weapons that you can use and purchase which is featured in the campaign menu. These weapons are pistols, rifles, shot guns and rail guns. These weapons have properties like damage dealt, accuracy and where can it be located.  Let us start knowing what the properties of each kind of weapon are.


First, there are pistols. There are three kinds of pistols which are the following: Pistol C-01p, Pistol and Alien Pistol. Pistol C-01p can cause extreme damage per shot. It can be located with the main hero in level 1. Another kind is the Pistol wherein it caused super damage for every shot you fire. It is mostly found with CS Guards. The last kind of pistol is the Alien Pistol. It caused wow damage per shot and located with the weak alien enemies.


Second, there are rifles. Unlike with the pistols, this weapon has four kinds. The first one is the Rifle-C-01r which caused high damage for every single shot. It is also found in level 1 with the main hero. The second one is the Rifle CS-RC. It can cause low damage which is located with the CS Guards. The third one is the Alien Rifle. This causes a sucky damage per shot and found with the weak Usurpation enemies and destroyers. The last one is the Minigun C-02m. The cause of damage for every shot is medium low only. You can find this in the character of Noir Lime. There are times it has an extreme rapid fire which caused critical damage for a short span of time.


Lastly, there are also shot guns and rail guns. The shot guns have three kinds like the pistols. However, there is no further discussion regarding the rail guns; whether it has kinds or not. For the shot guns, the first kind is the Shotgun C-01s. This is not a good type of shot gun because of the too low damage it causes to the enemies. However, you can locate it in the first level with the main hero. Furthermore, the second kind is the Shotgun CS-DAZ. This causes an ugly damage for each shot fired by the player. It is found with the CS Guards and the Proxy character. As a player, you can actually shoot manifold of bullets in a close spread. The last kind is the Alien Shotgun. This is a very precise weapon because it causes a bad damage per shot. This is located with the Advanced Usurpation enemies. You can shoot two bullets in one instant in a close spread. Those are weapons that each player can use in this great Plazma Burst 2.

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April 8th, 2014

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Cursed Treasure 3 is actually a sequel installment of the game. The previous installments of the game were also enjoyable but this one is much better. Your task is to use your power to protect the gems. The heroes will come to steal the gems from the towers but you have to save them. The enemies are very powerful and they can take away the gems. You can’t fight with all the enemies but you can take the gems to a safe place. It is a matter of your dignity, so you must protect the gems. Play it for free and have fun.

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February 7th, 2014

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Chaos Faction 1 – Ready for Action?

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Chaos Faction 1 is a very interesting game that one can go on playing for hours together. It is not a boring game; instead it will keep you hooked to your computer. The game consists of various characters. There will be different kind of game modes and each mode will have several levels. These levels will vary in difficulty. Some level may be easy, while others will be very hard. You can check out the game’s tips and tricks to make the gameplay easy for you. If you want, you can even check out the walkthrough of the game. There will be numerous missions for you to complete. It is only when you complete a mission that you will gain access to superior weapons. In the beginning of the game you will only have certain basic weapons. Later on in the game more arms and ammunition will get unlocked for you.

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January 27th, 2014

Gun Mayhem 5 is the fifth installment of the game series which is a wonderful game that you can find online for free. In the game all you have to do is kill the enemies. You can find several weapons that you can use to destroy all the enemies. It will be a big fun for ever and you will have fun with it.
Gun Mayhem 5 is very interesting to play and you will see that there are several weapons in the game. The game has very excellent time for your and you can enjoy the time with it. You will see that there are many weapons and you can use the weapons for killing the enemies. The game can give you a great time and you will enjoy your time with it a lot. The game has very good graphical view and you will really love your time with this amazing game.

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January 23rd, 2014

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Blosics is the game which is based completely based on the physics. If you can know about the physics rules then you can easily play the game and you will have very good time with it. It is really very important to destroy the walls within the time otherwise you will not get much interest in playing this wonderful game. Just start stat playing this wonderful game and you will get fun from this game. Whenever you want you can start to play the game you can play and have fun with it. So don’t miss it, just play and have fun.

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January 14th, 2014

Skywire Games are very thrilling to play and you will find several installments of the game series. It is very popular and people of all stages love to play it. In our funny site you can find the game for free and you will really enjoy your time with it.
Skywire Games are completely free and available on the internet for free. If you check our site you will find the games for free and you can enjoy them. All the installments of the game have the same goal that is reaching to the destination. It is quite hard to reach to the destination but you have to do it for winning the game. It will be a great time for the players to play and enjoy their time by playing this wonderful game. It is completely free so you can just play it for having fun so play and enjoy the time.

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January 8th, 2014

Plazma Burst 3 is an online game which is very good to play and when people play the game they get the real joy of action games. It is an action game which will give you lots of fun and you can have very good time with this game. It is the best game ever to play and you will be able to have great time with it.
Plazma Burst 3 is the third installment of the game series which is very good to play and it can make your time very good and enjoyable. The game is about killing all the enemies. There are many enemies here and there and you have to kill all of them as quickly as you can. The game has very good graphical view so the players can enjoy this game a lot. The game is very amazing to play and by playing it all the people can enjoy it. The game quality is very high and everyone can really enjoy this attracting game.

Scary Maze Game – I’ts Different!

January 3rd, 2014

Scary Maze game is the kind of game that anyone will love to play. The game is so captivating that you can go on playing it all day long and still not get tired of it. It is not just the puzzles or mazes that pull people towards this game, but the shocking surprise which waits for players in the end. It is the wish to see this that drives people crazy and they continue to play this game until they have completed all the levels, reached the end and experienced it. So if you are not among those lucky ones, then you must play this game right now and check the surprise for yourself. Millions of people have tried this game and they have only enjoyed it, so there is no way you will be disappointed. This game will not fail to meet your expectations. So try it out now!

Scary Maze Game 7 – More Twists!

January 2nd, 2014

Do you like puzzle games? Well if you do, then there is a great maze game available online just for you. It is called the Scary Maze game 7 and it is fun fun fun! The seventh installment of the series brings to you new and interesting mazes. Not only have the number of levels increased, there is an additional bonus level, too. There is a lot of improvement in the quality of graphics. Those who have played the previous versions will notice the difference the moment they start playing. The first level is, as expected, the easiest of all, nevertheless, it seems to be more difficult than the puzzles of the former games. The rules have not changed. You have to move the ball through the maze but without letting it touch the walls at any point, else your game will be over and you will have to restart it.

Amazing Game-Scary Maze Game 6

December 23rd, 2013

Scary Maze Game 6 is an online game which is a flash game and people can really enjoy this game a lot. The theme of the game is scary and this is the reason why people love the game most. It is really an interesting one and there are thousands of regular players of this game. You must check here and enjoy your time.
Scary Maze Game 6 is the sixth installment of the game series which is really very thrilling and the players can really enjoy their time with it. The mazes are quite complex and finding the shortest way it not an easy task. You have to try hard to play the game easily. The concept of the game is very unique and it is going to give you lots of funny time. The game is a highly upgraded game and it is going to make your time really very amazing. This is very attracting game and it is going to give you a great time.